• Purchase the Segment Stomper

    Due to an increase in orders and a manufacturing delay, any kits containing the Longworth Centering Attachment will be delayed for a short time. I expect the next shipment to arrive around the 17th of September. If you choose to place an order prior to that date, the orders will ship in the order they were received. You can also drop me an email and I'll advise you when the shipment arrives.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    You can purchase the SegEasy and Longworth Centering Plates to be used on a Segment Stomper that you make yourself, or you can purchase a fully assembled Segment Stomper with plates.

    If you missed the details about the Segment Stomper and have not yet seen the video, please CLICK HERE.

    Shipping and Handling (per order)
    $15 for US destinations (Priority Mail)
    $35 for any non-US shipment (International First Class - 7-10 days)

    Kit or Product Description
    Stomper Deluxe Kit
    $199 (Save $34)

    • Stomper HD (Heavy Duty Springs)
    • SegEasy Plates (18 and 24 segment plates
    • Longworth Centering Attachment

    Stomper Open Segment Kit

    • Stomper (Light Duty Spring)
    • SegEasy Plates (18 and 24 segment plates

    Stomper Closed Segment Kit

    • Stomper HD (Heavy Duty Springs)
    • Longworth Centering Attachment

    Plates Only Kit
    $174 (Save $10)

    • SegEasy Plates (18 and 24segment plates)
    • Longworth Centering Attachment

    Stomper Only
    Stomper with single spring for light duty work - open segments or smaller closed segment vessels

    Stomper HD Only
    Stomper with double springs for heavier vessels

    SegEasy 18 & 24
    SegEasy Plates (18 and 24 segment)

    SegEasy 18 Only
    18-segment SegEasy plate (requires Stomper)

    SegEasy 24 Only
    24-segment SegEasy plate (requires Stomper)

    Longworth Attachment Only
    13.5" Longworth Centering Attachment (requires Stomper)

    *Please make checks payable to:
    Lloyd Johnson/Woodturner PRO
    14699 NE Prairie View Ct.
    Aurora, OR 97002