• Purchase the Segment Stomper

    All Stomper, SegEasy Plates and Longworth Centering Devices are in-stock and available for immediate shipment.

    You can purchase the SegEasy and Longworth Centering Plates to be used on a Segment Stomper that you make yourself, or you can purchase a fully assembled Segment Stomper with plates.

    If you missed the details about the Segment Stomper and have not yet seen the video, please CLICK HERE.

    Shipping and Handling (per order)
    $15 for US destinations (Priority Mail)
    $35 for any non-US shipment (International First Class - 7-10 days)

    Kit or Product Description
    Stomper Deluxe Kit
    $199 (Save $34)

    • Stomper HD (Heavy Duty Springs)
    • SegEasy Plates (18 and 24 segment plates
    • Longworth Centering Attachment

    Stomper Open Segment Kit

    • Stomper (Light Duty Spring)
    • SegEasy Plates (18 and 24 segment plates

    Stomper Closed Segment Kit

    • Stomper HD (Heavy Duty Springs)
    • Longworth Centering Attachment

    Plates Only Kit
    $174 (Save $10)

    • SegEasy Plates (18 and 24segment plates)
    • Longworth Centering Attachment

    Stomper Only
    Stomper with single spring for light duty work - open segments or smaller closed segment vessels

    Stomper HD Only
    Stomper with double springs for heavier vessels

    SegEasy 18 & 24
    SegEasy Plates (18 and 24 segment)

    SegEasy 18 Only
    18-segment SegEasy plate (requires Stomper)

    SegEasy 24 Only
    24-segment SegEasy plate (requires Stomper)

    Longworth Attachment Only
    13.5" Longworth Centering Attachment (requires Stomper)

    *Please make checks payable to:
    Lloyd Johnson/Woodturner PRO
    14699 NE Prairie View Ct.
    Aurora, OR 97002