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Hello from Sunny Scottsdale AZ. Just joined and looking forward to segmenting. Been turning for many years but never segmented projects. Instagram is @wheelchairartisan. And yes I turn and build all from a wheelchair.
Which lathe do you use?
Hello from north east Pennsylvania. Purchased seg pro package in October. The tutorials are a big help. Making some sample feature rings out of scrap wood to see how the dimensions work out. Have not seen anything factoring in the saw cut when you cut the segments from the lamination board. Am I missing something? Have some nice things to turn if I can get the feature ring right.
Anyone out there in NE PA?
Howard A. Smith
Thanks for the reply. My next question, can I select a design for a feature ring from the species file and import it to lamination pro, resize it to the dimension I need and then print how to build it? I tried right clicking on a design but did not get a menu to select from (like copy and paste). This software is so amazing and easy to use, maybe I'm expecting to much?
Lamination Pro is used to design a pattern based on laminated boards. The design created in LP can be exported to WTP or exported as an image which can be added as a species in WTP or SP. The Segment Length of the featured ring is the "repeating unit" length in LP. There is no way to create a pattern in SP or WTP and import into LP for instructions on how to build the pattern.
It would be better if you would post your questions in one of the forums instead of your profile post.
There is no sound on the video addressing the differences between Segment Pro and Woodturner Pro. My Headphones are working correctly as I have audio for YouTube. Anyone else having this issue?
Just bought the software bundle. Have been turning for about 5 years doing mostly segmented and open segmented turning. just got a new lathe last week, Rikon 70-3040. Waited 8.5 months for delivery.
Microsoft doesn't support paint anymore, i'm wondering if the paintview can be printed without having MSpaint installed.
I guess my memory lets me down on how to print the coloured paint, any help would be nice

I was wondering if you every upgraded segmented pro to change properties of individual rows
No. SP has not been upgraded to change properties of individual rows. SP is rules based design tool. If you want full property control of individual rings then Wood Turner Pro would be the design tool to use.
Are you still online? I can't open the tutorial for segmented pro. It brings me to woodturner pro forums but there are no forums.
where are all of the video tutorials?
Look under video tutorials / software.
If you have questions regarding the software, please ask questions in the other forums.
Hi Mike,
Heading for Mesa early Wednesday morning will be there Friday afternoon.
We are planning on being there for about 6 months, hope to see you this trip down.
Hi Bob.
We will have to keep in touch. Right now the shop is open but no guests. Covid protocols are still in place. I have not been in the shop since the shop closed. Still keeping isolated.
Bob Beaupre
Bob Beaupre
About the same here. We arrived on Friday at about 5:00 PM. Have not seen anyone at our woodshop yet. No guests allowed here either
I am a member of the Mandurah Group and a member of the Segmenters Mob, which is a sub group made up of members from all of the groups in Western Australia under the overarching agency called the West Australian Woodturners Association (WAWA). We have regular demonstrations on all the softwares available but are really getting stuck into Segment Pro, helping all those who are new to our craft.
what is the dia. of the bowl you use for your picture? yes I'm new to this forum. thanks in advance Brian
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller
I think it was about 12 inches. I no longer have that piece in my possession.
Got my validation code today..... now where to start???
looking for tutorials on how to use the programs
Check out the Tutorial section. Some good videos.
Also you can do a Search for WTP or SP vids.
Just updated Lamination pro and Woodturner pro also Installed segment pro. I have got to say I’m pretty excited to get going on designing new segmented projects. Being on lockdown for COVID 19 I have a lot of time to learn these softwares. I don’t think I will get bored.
I don't know why anyone would want to try to duplicate the overly-complicated accu-wedge bandsaw jig.

Just make a two-fence sled that is similar to what Jerry Bennett shows on his segmentology videos. The zero-clearance fence" that attaches to the table saw insert will have to be integral with the band saw sled version. You will need to make or buy some angle plates to set your fence angle precisely.
Hi John
I do not get around much my wife does the driving since the bombing due to meds and brain damage. I was going to ask Ed if he would donate some pen kits and other turning stuff like S&P shakers and key chains but forgot. When I have any funds left over I buy what I can since I supply them with everything.

Hope we can be friends.

My email is