02 - Segment PRO User Interface

Tommy Schutz

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This tutorial will help you navigate the windows, menus, tabs and controls of Segment PRO.

Very helpful tutorial, very informative, and I understood it a lot better, only because I was able to keep up with you because I followed you in a session I purchased from you. You move around the screen rather rapidly, yet now that I realize what's happening, I'm glad you moved when you did, and it helped me understand it more.


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Hi Ron.
I don't believe there is a specific tutorial for SP that covers open segments. The software has a choice of open or closed segments and the choice of setting the open segment gap. Designing the vessel is pretty easy and coming up with the cut list. There are many open segment vessel vids available on the internet from various turners that show the process they go through to build one.
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Lloyd Johnson

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Which video is open segments covered?

Make sure you watch the five-part tutorial named “Beginners Project - Open Segment Christmas Ornament”. As that one has a lot of information that is for open segment vessels including design, cutting, assembly and turning.

Here is the link: