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    Robert Sjulstad Hi Everybody! Rob Sjulstad, Sun City, AZ asking for help. I have already designed and constructed a SW Feature Ring in Lamination Pro (8 Repeats @ 3" each, height is 2.625 +/- ,depending on where I decide to cut off the peaks or whatever the pointed tops and bottoms are called. I don't know how to move the FR to SegPro or Woodturner Pro and specify demensions etc.
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    Lamination Pro images can be moved into WTP or SP to show what the featured ring would be like. If you have not looked at the vids Lloyd has made, it would answer many of your questions.

    A quick summary. Design your bowl in WTP or SP. Using WTP or SP make a note of what your segment length and height dimensions is for the featured ring. (example: SL = 1.25", height = 1.5). Then work in LP to come up with the featured ring design. You need to know the size of the featured ring segment to set up LP.

    In LP you would adjust the First Cut Width dimension to change the Repeating Unit Width so it equals (approximate) the segment length needed. The repeating unit measurement is at the bottom of the screen in LP.

    You will need to adjust the Export Region (red rectangle) to the height of your featured ring segment.

    From their you can either export the image or export to wtp. The image is added as a new species.
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    Thanks, Mike, for your excellent answer.

    Here is a link to the video Mike was talking about and it shows the entire process:
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