Open-Segment Bowl - Petal

Bob Beaupre

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Open-Segment Bowl - Petal
The top three rings are 48 segment closed rings made of Black Walnut with a thin highlight ring of Maple.
The bottom base ring is a solid Black Walnut ring
The body background is Maple.
The floral design is made up of Black Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Yellowheart, Padauk and Wenge.

This piece consists 3 rows of 48 closed segment, 19 rows of 48 open segments per row and a one piece solid base with a total of 1,057 separate pieces of wood.
Finished size is approximately 9 5/8" inch diameter by 5 5/8 inches deep.

With support files

IMG_20161122_211213619 - Copy.jpg IMG_20161122_211204604.jpg IMG_20161122_211224162.jpg

Of interest here is the same design I built recently, except I changed the top and bottom to Wenge
48199348_10156965879813169_817623913298132992_o.jpg 48269264_10156965879943169_8631519225569083392_o.jpg


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