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  1. Lloyd Johnson

    Lloyd Johnson Administrator Staff Member

    I'm working on this Frequently Asked Questions document and will be updating it throughout the day. Please check back.

    Key questions about Segment PRO:
    • What is the price of Segment PRO
    • What is the minimum screen resolution requirement?
    • What will be the version of the first upload of Segment PRO?
    • What version of Windows are supported?
    • Is Segment PRO supported on Apple products?
    • Will the software ever be available as a native Mac application?
    • Can Segment PRO be used to create any segmented vessel?
    • Can I transfer files between Woodturner PRO and Segment PRO?
    • How are wood species defined and added in Segment PRO?
    What is the price of Segment PRO? The price of Segment PRO is $79. If you buy it with Lamination PRO, the price is $109 for the bundle (saves you $49 over buying Lamination PRO separately).

    Screen Resolution:
    While there is no minimum screen resolution, I have targeted 900 vertical pixels for the Graphical User Interface. If your computer/monitor has less than this (many older laptops have 768), a vertical scrollbar will allow you to scroll the GUI.

    First Version: Segment PRO will be uploaded as Version .9. I have tested the software on a variety of different PCs and VirtualBox PC configurations, the proof of the pudding comes when the software gets loaded onto desktop computers and laptops in the community. Since this is what I consider to be a major and complicated piece of software, it is likely that there will be things that work in a development setting that may not work as intended. I ask for your patience in this regard. It should not be difficult to make changes but as the only employee of Woodturner PRO, development and testing resources are limited.

    Windows Version Supported: Segment PRO will run on any version of Windows supported by Microsoft. The last version to be no longer supported by Microsoft is Windows XP. This does not mean that Segment PRO will not run on Windows XP, but if it doesn't, I cannot provide technical support to make it work. If you have Windows XP, download and install Segment PRO in the Trial Mode before purchasing it.

    Support for Apple products: Segment PRO has no ability to run on a mobile device. As in the past, any PC software can run on a Mac Computer under two scenarios - a Virtual Machine software application like Parallels (Title: {title]) or the free utility from Apple named 'Bootcamp'. Parallels lets you run Windows software in a window at the same time you are running Apple software in other windows. Bootcamp creates a physical boot partition where you install Windows and Windows software. With Bootcamp, you boot to either the Windows partition or the Mac partition. Both of these solutions are used extensively and are excellent solutions.

    Will Segment PRO ever be available as a native Mac application? Segment PRO was written in a way that it is possible to one day migrate it to a Native Mac application. However, the graphic and control libraries are not currently available and until they are, more than 50% of the code would have to be re-written and the cost and the lack of programming resources renders this impossible at this time. If you are reluctant to install Windows on your Mac, you should consider looking at eBay or Craigslist for a used computer that has Windows 7 as a minimum version. It is also notable that new Windows desktop and laptop computers are available in minimum configurations at very reasonable prices.

    Can Segment PRO be used to create any segmented vessel? As a rapid development tool, Segment PRO was designed to minimize the time it takes to develop a segmented vessel using a Graphical User Interface (GUI) designed for simplicity. Once designed, it is possible to make extensive customization within limitations. The target of Segment PRO is to be able to design 95% of the vessels that are made on a daily basis. Above 95% means that additional complexity to the GUI is require and the software will no longer fit the major objective of Ease of Use. For vessel designs above the 95%, it is recommended that you use Woodturner PRO which allows you to create virtually any segmented vessel. Some of the capabilities not supported by Segment PRO are staves, compound segments, wheel configurations and designs where each row or alternate rows require customized settings.

    Can I transfer files to and from Woodturner PRO? There are virtually no similarities between Woodturner PRO and Segment PRO. Although they both create segmented vessels, there is no commonality in the methodology used or structure in which files are saved. When you decide to create a vessel, it should be easy to know if it can be done in Segment PRO or requires Woodturner PRO. You should select the correct software tool to match the design requirements of that bowl and use the appropriate application.

    How are wood species defined and added to Segment PRO? Wood species are simply small graphic files (.jpg, .png, .bmp, etc.) that are saved to a folder. The folder is installed at Document > My Segment PRO > Species (will be implemented in a couple days) and all that is required is to copy an image file to that folder with a unique file name and the species is automatically available for use. Please view the video tutorial named 'Adding Species to Segment PRO' (available shortly) which discusses options that you might find useful.
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  2. Andrew Rothwell

    Andrew Rothwell PRO Member

    Great looking software Lloyd. Are you going to be allowing those of us that have the Full suite and upgrade price to get segment pro?
    Thank you
  3. Lloyd Johnson

    Lloyd Johnson Administrator Staff Member


    This is a brand new piece of software that is a completely new way to design segmented projects. It has virtually nothing in common with Woodturner PRO and was written from scratch in a whole new language.

    My goal was to write a piece of software that is simple to use, powerful and a lot of fun. It does a lot of things that Woodturner PRO cannot do and Woodturner PRO does a lot of things that Segment PRO cannot do such as staves, compound segments and others.

    The difference is that Segment PRO is built around the notion that most segmented projects use a lot of defaults whereas Woodturner PRO believes that there is no such thing as defaults. In WTP, whatever you want done, you have to do it yourself. In Segment PRO, you tell the software what you want and it does it all for you such as creating an inside wall profile for you, automatically building the bowl in three different styles and three different skill levels - all in 3D.

    After you watch the tutorials, you'll see what I mean in that these are two very different programs. Segment PRO can do as much as 95% of the bowls that are made on any given day. Woodturner PRO can do 100% of them. So when you start a project, it becomes very simple to know if you are better served by 3DP/WTP or Segment PRO.

    What I do know is that Segment PRO has been in production for more than six months and was VERY expensive to build. Because it is new software, the only discount I can give is the introductory price that is now available. By the end of the year, though, I will be raising the price to better reflect the cost of production. Already, I've had buyers tell me that they would have paid three times what they paid. Now, I don't believe that, but a modest increase is necessary.

    Please let me know if you have additional questions.
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  4. Andrew Rothwell

    Andrew Rothwell PRO Member

    Fair Enough - Thanks for the quick response. I only ask because the answer is ALWAYS no, unless you ask :) Thanks again
  5. Timothy Spaulding

    Timothy Spaulding PRO Member

    I already have Lamination Pro which I purchased some time ago with WTP and 3DDP. So I would only need to purchase Segment Pro?
  6. Lloyd Johnson

    Lloyd Johnson Administrator Staff Member

    That's correct. Make sure you watch the video tutorial about using Lamination PRO with Segment PRO:
  7. Jackie J

    Jackie J PRO Member

    Maybe I just missed it but I haven't seen any info on the rings feature in
    Segment Pro. Can someone fill me in on what it does and how to use it?
  8. mfisher

    mfisher Super Moderator Staff Member

    Are you referring to the featured ring or the other rings making up the bowl?
  9. Lloyd Johnson

    Lloyd Johnson Administrator Staff Member

    The Rings printout is only for Painted Segment bowls. Once you make a bowl like this, making a Rings printout is an easy way to help you lay out your segments in the correct order. To test, open the sample of Tom Lohman's bowl and the click the Rings tab. You'll first be prompted for a name to give the printout and then stand back and let the magic happen.

  10. Jackie J

    Jackie J PRO Member

    Thanks for the response Lloyd. There I go showing my ignorance again.
  11. mfisher

    mfisher Super Moderator Staff Member

    No ignorance. It is new software. We all learn by using the software and asking questions. Your questions and participating on the forum is important for all of us.
  12. Jackie J

    Jackie J PRO Member

    Your too kind. Tks.
  13. Will Foresman

    Will Foresman New Member

    Good Afternoon all!

    I am brand new to the WoodturnerPro community and the software. I've watched the tutorials and mukked around online for an answer and turned up with nothing. I may not be asking this question in the right spot, however; is there a way to add spacers in the painted segment bowl option and not just the feature ring option? I know in reality it doesn't really matter to flesh out in detail the spacers, account for them in the design and just glue them in, cool, done, however; it would be very helpful to be able to visual them in the software and have them on the summary printout.

    Perhaps this is all possible and ignorance strikes again!!!

    Incredible software and UI and will be definitely purchasing it in the future.
  14. mfisher

    mfisher Super Moderator Staff Member

    Since you mentioned painted segment bowl option, I take it your question is directed at the Segment Pro (SP) sofware. Yes, there is choices in SP on adding spacers. In the bowl setting window there is "Add Spacer" drop down box. The choices are default rings, featured ring or all rings. There is also a Spacer width box where you can enter the width of the spacers.
  15. Lloyd Johnson

    Lloyd Johnson Administrator Staff Member

    The ability to add spacers applies only to Feature Ring bowls because, frankly, I’ve never seen a painted segment bowl with spacers which seems to me that it would take away from the effect of painting with multiple species. Can you send me a picture that is an example of something you want to do?

    Since it is definitely non-standard, it doesn’t fit Segment PRO. However, you can easily do it in Woodturner PRO which is designed to let you do anything you can imagine.

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