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  1. mfisher

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    What part of Arizona do you reside? I also live in AZ. Sun City West for the winter and Payson AZ for the summer.

    Bob is most likely feeling pretty good since the Pack took care of the NYG. I also am a Packer fan. Dallas is going to be a challenge.

    I haven't done what Bob did. Save old versions. I do keep a copy of the most current on my PC. He has an excellent idea. Think I will start doing what he is doing.
  2. Bob Beaupre

    Bob Beaupre Administrator Staff Member

    Mike if want access to them I have them in a shared drop box, all I need is to add your email address
  3. stuart johnson

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    I thought when you deleted a copy it would delete everything connected and you could then install the latest version. It sounds like that wasn't the case with Virgil. Any ideas about what happened?
  4. Bob Beaupre

    Bob Beaupre Administrator Staff Member

    He has a much more complicated system than most of us. Two video cards and multiple monitors. Don't know if that affected things or what. I sent him build .40 and that installed and ran fine, so then he wanted to try build .72. That installed but would not run. He uninstalled and reinstalled build .40, back in business. We took it slower from there. Build .43, .50, .54, .56, .59, .63, .65, .67, .69, .70, .71, he already had .72 then 1.01.001 and 1.01.002, in case his version was corrupt. So what caused it not to run is still a mystery but he got to go through what we have been experiencing for + two months in one evening. The main thing is it works and he is happy. He even went out and bought Tom Lohman's plans. I told him I expected to see some of his work showing up. Seems to be a happy customer.
  5. Virgil Langley

    Virgil Langley New Member

    I live in Tucson, Arizona year round. As far as the versions go if you have the current version running you should not need the past versions. You can just reinstall the current version. I tried to go from version 1.00.39 to version 1.1.001 in one shot and it caused problems. I am a software engineer for a living so I have some insight on how that can happen. It is not uncommon for a file to not get deleted or a dependency between versions to get overlooked by the installer (which is software and can also have bugs in it). Software development can be incredibly complex at times especially when trying to add features to an existing code base and then distribute those features to the user base.
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  6. Lloyd Johnson

    Lloyd Johnson Administrator Staff Member

    In a long conversation I had with Virgil who is very knowledgeable about PC installers, it was pretty clear that the problem was with early versions of the installer that were not completely removing all components from the prior installation. Fortunately, that was rectified nearly 30 builds ago.

    The good news is that any fresh install has never failed (probably shouldn't have said that). It is possible, though, that an early installation that wasn't upgraded until now could still have this same problem and if so, I'll have a document that shows what to do to fix it as it is an easy fix.

    Asks to Bob who worked with Virgil to get him up and running before I had a chance to call him.

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