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Before I try my newly aquired Stomper out...



I have a question. The demonstration I saw in the use of the Stomper was limited to the installation of the 1st, or bottom, open segmented ring on top of a solid base. What I would like to know is if there is more video showing the installation of another segmented ring? I am particularly interested in the glue application and the accurate positioning of the ring being installed making sure the open segment edges are aligned properly. Geez, after reading this, I hope you understand my question. Thanks. Al Thompson
Here is one of Lloyd's vids. While it only shows the first two rings, the process is the same adding more rings.

As far as gluing you should trying to keep the glue away from the segment edge to minimize squeeze out. Any squeeze out glue should be cleaned up before it dries. Using pipe cleaners or swabs works ok.
I don't have another video at this time, but here is what I do...

Rockler sells blue silicon products for applying glue including a device with a brush at one end and a wedge at the other end. I use the wedge end touch it to glue to add just a bit to the wedge and then I touch the top of each segment just inside the two angled edges. This applies a minimal glue line. Depending on the amount of glue on the wedge, you can apply two or three lines of glue befor reloading. I sit in one location and to save time, I load the wedge with glue, put my hand in a location to apply the glue to one of the edges and then rotate the plate with my other hand to do the next segment. I do this for all the segments and then repeat the process with the other edge of teach segment. This allows me to minimize hand movements and get the glue applied consistently.

Everyone has their own technique and o wouldn't say that one works better than another, but this works well for me.

With regards to ring alignment, I've used a $10 laser I bought from Harbor Freight that is used for aligning photos on a wall and that method has worked well. More often, though, I work from a low position where I can look at the turning from above which lets me see when the new ring is aligned with the others.

If you come up with a better approach, please share it with us!