another what to do with this one


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Got some wood of my friend ex apple tree.

The bottom piece turned out to be hollow once i removed all the rotten but still dry parts.

So it looks like this now after i cleaned it.


I also bought some most needed tools for my lathe



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its is dry if not :)

What do you guys do with a piece of wood that is very uneven on the outer side?
Got a piece of ash(?) that is kind of bubbly.
Note, I dont have a chuck, yet


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There are many ways to flatten one side for turning.

If you don't have a chuck, do you have a face plate?

- you can turn the wood between centers to round the piece and flatten the bottom (if then going to glue to a faceplate, or make the tenon that will allow you to mount the wood to a chuck., but you don't have a chuck yet).

- I have seen woodworkers flatten the bottom using a belt sander or joiner.

I have turned a great number of bowls mounted to a faceplate. The way I use a faceplate is to mount the faceplate to a round piece of maple or poplar which is a waste block. I turn the waste block round and flatten to top while on the lathe using a sanding block.
The waste block is then glued to your chunk of wood you want to turn.