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Today I cleaned up the Eagles and then separated the heads that are near the tails . Next to glue on the heads.




Once the heads are re-attached I will go back to my old set to play with the mitre cuts to form the rings. The only thing stopping getting this done today is the fact that we are dealing with a ragging Blizzard today. About 10 inches of snow down and soon time to venture out for the clean up.
Nice. Once you have the segments trimmed to their final block size, let me know the dimensions and I'll tell you the diameter of the circle you need for the bandsaw jig, if you still want to try that method.
Lloyd the blocks measure 5 7/16" long, 2 3/16" tall & 1 inch thick. The distance from tip to tip on the bird is 3 5/8". I guess what I want to do is work from the inside keeping about 1/8" on each wingtip to give about 1/4 in total between the birds. The outside dimension will just add the width of the miter cut?? I'm guessing about 7/16" to each side. So the width of the bird being 3 5/8 plus 7/16 each side should be a segment length of about 4 1/2 ish. Hope that makes sense.
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I built my jig to cut the ends to the 22.5 degrees angle. I used the centre of the bird as my reference line so I could rotate them 180 degrees to cut the other side. I did do a test cut with some MDF and it looked quite close so I pushed on and cut my original set of birds to do a dry fit. It looked good as well so I pushed on and cut my good set of birds. The dry fit looks very close but I think I will do half rings anyway and a light touch on the sander to remove any slight error.

Now I want to try the bandsaw jig, My final segment length is 4 9/16" so I calculated that the arc for the jig should be a 6" radius.

I will post some pics a bit later.
Glenn, I apologize, but I had to go out of town for a couple days and had no access to SketchUp.
I concur that the radius of 6" is correct. I've attached a drawing to show this.
Good luck.


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Lloyd your timing was impeccable as I had just tried the drawing myself and got 6". I know you told me to start the Sketchup lessons after my bowl but I am leaps and bounds ahead in what I could do 3 or 4 weeks ago. Sketchup for Dummies taught me the initial moves. I am not ready to model the ring the way you did though.
Now for a few pics of todays progress.

This is the jig I built to cut the mitres onto the segments. I lined my pencil mark with the centre of the segment which is a glue line. I also had to make a zero clearance insert as the pieces that came off would drop right onto a slight opening and bind the saw blade.

A dry fit showed things looking good.

I built Lloyds bandsaw jig which was a 6" radius arc. Talk about a slick jig!

IMG_1846.jpg IMG_1847.jpg

Now a dry fit but with the centre round. The 1/2 rings have been glued up. I will join them tomorrow and start milling material for the rest of the bowl.
Halves are together, waiting on the glue.

Started the milling and prep work for the bottom bowl. Glue block and 1st layer.

IMG_1850.jpg IMG_1851.jpg

Strips cut for the next 5 layers. Nice to have that material list.


Tomorrow I will cut the padauk. I'll probably just make one thick ring and part it in half.
As well I will cut the 16 segment rings using my segeasy sled. I don't have the template for 16 sides but I drew one in Sketchup, printed it and glued it on a piece of MDF. I rough cut it on my band saw then cleaned up the edges with the disc sander. I did one test ring with MDF and it seemed to fit just fine. The hardwood will be the test. If it works, great if close I will do 1/2 rings. If it's no good I will start over and adjust it as required.
This is the first of what I am going to call my Video Replies. When I get a question that a can be answered better with a quick video, I'll make it and post it here and in a new category to be called Video Replies. In this one, I'm demonstrating how I used SketchUp to quickly determine the diameter of the Bandsaw Jig to cut the inside radius of a complex feature ring. And then for grins, I show how to visualize the finished ring to see what the images will look like on the inside diameter. I didn't have the exact size of the image from Lamination PRO, so this is just a demonstration only.
Please feel free to ask any questions you have about the process.
If you want to watch the video full screen click on vimeo in the above video. You can then select full screen.
Today was cutting segments and glueing half rings. I have two rings ready to be added to the base. Hopefully tomorrow. That is if we don't get to much freezing rain and snow that is forecast for tonight.
The last few days I have been cutting and glueing segments. I have 5 layers together now. Two more maple ones tomorrow, then a 1/8 padauk, and then the Eagles. I think before I add the Eagles I will turn most of the inside of the bowl and a bit on the outside. Could be a tough reach with my small lathe. It is also getting harder to add the rings. I prefer to keep my rubber bumpers on the Jumbo Jaws on the outside of the ring but I think I will have to move to the inside position for the last few.

IMG_1856.jpg .
Glenn, Have you looked at Lloyd's Stomper? You can either purchase it from him or build your own from his video. It might make your glue up easier.
Glenn, Have you looked at Lloyd's Stomper? You can either purchase it from him or build your own from his video. It might make your glue up easier.

Hi Stuart, I certainly like the idea of being able to build the rings off the lathe so I may look at a homemade version. My biggest issue is dressing the face of the ring for glue up. The only thing I have come up with is holding the ring in the jumbo jaws. With this bowl my rings have outgrown my jaws. The last few rings I have used a plywood disc and hot melted the ring on being very careful to line it up with some index lines I added. I do not have good luck trying to sand a large ring on my homemade disc sander. I do not seem to be able to apply an even pressure.

I do enjoy doing the segmented pieces but I have a hard time justifying buying a drum sander or other dedicated hardware. I do like the challenge sometimes in trying to figure it out without the tooling.
The last curly maple ring was added today. Hopefully tomorrow I will rough turn the base and then add the padauk ring. I will add the full 3/4 ring that I built and part it off leaving about 1/8. This will leave me a ring for on the top of the feature ring about 1/4 tall.

I'm getting a bit concerned with the size of the bowl and keeping it stable for turning. It will be way bigger than my steady. Might have to improvise something. The banjo on my lathe will not pass under the bowl so here's hoping I can reach all the areas required.
Glenn, it might be too late now but you can always turn your bowl in two halves. Complete the inside of both and then using a tailstock adapter use friction drive to turn the two halves. Once done glue them together.
Hi Stuart, not to late yet as I still have the feature ring that is 2 1/8 tall plus a 1/8 and a 1/4 paddock ring to add. I will give it some consideration.
The maple layers are now complete. I have rough turned the outside and have basically finished turned the inside short of blending in the feature ring and final top paddock layer. I am trying to be as gentle as possible with the turning keeping a very small contact and keeping the tools sharp.


Padauk layer added for the 1/8 ring below the feature ring. I will part off the balance of the ring for the top.

If I decide to GO FOR IT I will glue on the feature ring this afternoon.