Anyone ever built a segmented banjo body?

Lloyd Johnson

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There are youtube videos on this process and it seems to be pretty straight forward, especially if you buy a neck for it.


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Here is my latest banjo uke. I unfortunately don't have a lathe yet, so I "turn" the rims on a pattern sander in the drill press.
One day I will get a lathe, hopefully.
Southern Cross Banjo Ukes
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Yes, I've made hundreds of block banjo rims. I sold them on The Banjo Hangout for about ten years. I recently retired from making rims and building guitars. I sold my custom made rim lathe and bought a Laguna Revo 18 inch to make bowls and boxes. I'll post some photos of a few rims after I figure out how to post them.
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Figured it out.
Here's one of my banjo rims. Standard segmented bowl construction. A banjo rim is just a bowl without a bottom.