Does size really matter?

Alex Garcia

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Hi Lloyd,

I tend to do all of my designs on 1/4" grid paper and I want to use 3D design pro to create the shapes and import to WTP. Can I scan my little pictures and blow them up in 3dp or should I blow them up first and then scan them?



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hi alex, iam not Llyod but

you can scan you design onto your computer, then open 3dp and click on the tools tab at the top and then click background photo from the drop down menu. from there you will be able to open you scaned design up as a background image then trace it using the points tools. Once you are happy open wtp up and then you can export you design from 3dp into wtp, the first thing wtp asks for is the scale of the design. Hope that makes sense, there are tutorial videos about the software on the site that helped me a lot