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Discussion in 'Segment Stomper Forum' started by jwmadzelan, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. jwmadzelan

    jwmadzelan PRO Member

    When do you think you will get more tornado globe videos published?:D I have done the 1st two videos now I need to glue them up. :D
  2. Lloyd Johnson

    Lloyd Johnson Administrator Staff Member

    I'm working on the video for the table saw sled for open segments and hope to have that done by Thursday and then I'm starting on the video(s) for gluing up the globe and it should only take a couple days. There will be one slight change, though - since Christmas is coming, I'm going to do a Christmas tree ornament that is the identical size of the tornado globe. I'll also make a Globe at the same time, though. I have already cut the segments for the Christmas globe and so the video will be starting with the glue-ups.

    On the tornado globe, you'll be making it in two halves and each half will be made identically with the design twisting in the same direction when you glue it up. This way, when you flip one of the completed halves by 180 degrees, the pattern will still be twisting in the same direction.
  3. Tim Boger

    Tim Boger PRO Member

    Hi Lloyd,

    Is there a master list of links to all the videos you've made?

    I'm studying the Open Segmented process more now than ever and want to be sure that I haven't missed any videos past, present or future.

    Anxious to see what you produce next. :)

  4. Lloyd Johnson

    Lloyd Johnson Administrator Staff Member


    All of the video tutorials are in two places - one is the 'Software Tutorials' category of the Forum. To get to the other, click the 'Front Page' link in the Main Menu and then 'Tutorials' in the sub-menu. Some videos will be in both places.

    Now that I've almost completely retired, I'll be spending a lot more time making new tutorials. Some will be beginner training and others will be advanced topics. I've got a number of topics I want to cover including open segment, segmented sculptures, multi-generation laminations and SketchUp for Woodturners.

    I'm also open to suggestions.

  5. stuart johnson

    stuart johnson Super Moderator Staff Member

    At one time you had a video on using SketchUp to calculate the volume of an urn. I can't find it. Did you take it down or is the link in a different place?

  6. Lloyd Johnson

    Lloyd Johnson Administrator Staff Member


    I have a Vimeo channel that has videos that are mostly on this site but does have some that are not on this site. Here is the link to the VolumeCalculator21 video I did some time ago. You can do a Google search for volumecalculator21.rb to find the Plug-In for SketchUp.

    Here's the link to the video:

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

  7. vrbradley

    vrbradley PRO Member

    Well, I finished the Tornado globe project. The results were not exactly as planned, but I did learn a lot in the process.
    Glue good/turn fast/good sharp tools.
    Thanks for the project Lloyd
    Brad IMG_0831.jpg
  8. Tim Boger

    Tim Boger PRO Member

    Nice job Brad, words of wisdom ..... Glue good/turn fast/good sharp tools!

  9. vrbradley

    vrbradley PRO Member

    The value of a good "cut" is realized when you try turning one of these, and speed is truly your friend, thanks for the kind words.

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