Tornado Globe Part 1 - Design using 3D Design PRO and Woodturner PRO

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  1. Lloyd Johnson

    Lloyd Johnson Administrator Staff Member

    This is Part 1 of a 'Build Along' project in which we'll make an open segment globe that will have a tornado design. This project is intended to be built by beginners using the Stomper System and the 18-segment SegEasy plate.

    In Part 1, I'll be using some of the new features of software Version 3 to size the inside and outside diameters to minimize the number of board widths required.

    Following this video, there will be others on cutting segments with a miter saw and table saw, using the Stomper to add rings, turning the vessel, finishing it and finally, photographing it to achieve professional-looking results. For this, we'll make a desktop photo booth that will have different backgrounds.

    Whenever possible, I'll add innovations or techniques that may be new to you.

    After watching a video, come back to this thread and ask questions and make suggestions.

    Here is a link to Part 1:
    Tornado Globe Part 1 - Designing the Globe with 3D Design PRO and Woodturner PRO - YouTube
  2. Tim Boger

    Tim Boger PRO Member

    Hi LLoyd,

    I just finished watching (for the first time) both of the videos you just produced, as usual, you've done great job.

    That "Flip Shop Stop" is really a useful application of the Incra tool .... I can't wait to try it in my shop.

    Thanks LLoyd, I always feel inspired after learning new techniques from you.

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  3. old bob

    old bob PRO Member

    Hi Lloyd,unable to hear audio
  4. Lloyd Johnson

    Lloyd Johnson Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Bob,

    The audio is definitely there, so I'm guessing you're not able to hear audio on any YouTube video right now. If that's the case, I have two suggestions - first, a reboot of your computer will probably fix it, but if it doesn't, try switching browsers. YouTube videos are played as Flash Videos and the browsers continue to have audio issues when playing Flash Videos. They will do fine and then all of a sudden, the audio drops out. It isn't a function of the video being played at that moment, though.

    I hope that helps.
  5. vrbradley

    vrbradley PRO Member

    I think this will be my next project. Very kool
  6. Bob Dadik

    Bob Dadik PRO Member

    Am going to make the open segment globe but have modified the plan to be a closed segment ball. My wife has been after me to make some balls and this is a great opportunity to experiment with balls of different diameters.
  7. Stan Gardner

    Stan Gardner New Member

    I am following along the video on the tornado globe. I have then Segeasy 12 or 24. what would the gap be on WTP?
  8. Lloyd Johnson

    Lloyd Johnson Administrator Staff Member


    The gap on the 12 plate is 8 and the gap on the 24 is 4. I've had Jerry engrave this information on the plates themselves. They also show the angle to cut the segments. On my plates I use a marker to make these number show better.
  9. Stan Gardner

    Stan Gardner New Member

    AH thank you I sow those number on the order and never made the connection. On with my first segmented project!
  10. Lloyd Johnson

    Lloyd Johnson Administrator Staff Member

    That's great, Stan. Keep us advised with your progress and have fun!
  11. stuart johnson

    stuart johnson Super Moderator Staff Member

    Stan, if you can try and post progress photos as you complete your project. You have some very good resources here to offer help and encouragement.
  12. Stan Gardner

    Stan Gardner New Member

    Here are a few pictures in process. 1st row in Segeasy jig, about 3 rows, final assembly ready for turning, and a couple views of the finished turning. I used maple, walnut, red grandis and mahogany. It turned out ok and didn't fly apart when turning!

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  13. stuart johnson

    stuart johnson Super Moderator Staff Member

    Very nice piece. Thanks for the build sequence you'll be doing 48 segment rings in no time.
  14. Bob Beaupre

    Bob Beaupre Administrator Staff Member

    Stan nice bowl. Please post it up in the gallery

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