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The Need for Speed


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Good Morning
I have a question that only a seasoned open segment bowl turner can answer.
I have completed several close segment bowls and vases. I am quite comfortable with the speeds I use to turn the projects.

However, I am about to start my first open segment bowl. Max height 5-1/2 " Max diameter 7-1/2" maple and walnut.
Could someone advise what rpm lathe should turn? Is there a guide for rpm speed of open segment bowls?
I don't change speeds between open and closed segment rings. I just make really sure my gouge is sharp and don't make aggressive cuts for open segments.
Thank you for your quick reply. My brain is wrapped around the need for faster speed, so tool does not snag open area. I will take your advise.
Talking to some of the open segment turners in the Club they talk about making sure the rings are anchored.

That is only turn to shape the rings are anchored by the row above. example if you have ring 2,3,4,5,6 built. You decide to turn the inside to shape you would only turn 2,3, 4,5 and leave 6 alone. that way the ring below is secured by the ring above. Less chance of catching and breaking off a segment.
That is only turn to shape the rings are anchored by the row above.
Absolutely true. A segment that's only glued at the bottom is almost certain to snap off when you hit it with a gouge at the top. I also try to keep the height to width ratio to something reasonable like double. A segment that's short and squat will be much more robust than one that's tall and thin.
a lot of good information. I would have most definitely destroyed the ring. the anchor above and below ring is most helpful.

Thank you