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transfer of design to woodturner pro

Noel Moyes

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I dont have a button to transfer my lamination design to woodturner pro. I have repaired the software installation but no change.


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Hi Noel.
A few questions.
- Did you have the buttons in the past?
- what version of LP are you using?
- Can you provide a screen shot of your LP for us to see what your LP screen looks like.

- For transfer to WTP , WTP must be up and running along with LP.
The image I posed is a screen shot of the latest LP software. (3.2.020). It shows the two export options located at the bottom of the window on the left side.

export image will place an image into the My Lamination Pro / Species folde
export image to WTP will import image into WTP.

If you do not have the button I would do a complete uninstall of LP.
I would download a new LP program from the Software Download page
Then install LP.

If you still have a problem I would contact Lloyd for help. In over 12 years and multiple installs have not experience the problem you are having.

lp screen.jpg
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Lloyd Johnson

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Is it possible that you are installing the software from an old CD? Also, do you remember what year you purchased the software?