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Enlarging/reducing bowl dimensions

Gilbert Welman

PRO Member
I have (say) a tornado bowl with (say) nine rows and a disk base. If I design a bowl with (say) a top row of diameter 200mm with the design tapering to a base of 100mm. Can I enlarge this design to have a top row of (say) 300mm and the other rows proportional to the original design dimensions without having to enter each row's dimensions separately? Incidentally, I'm referring to an open segment design.
Not sure which software you are using. It is possible to do what you want

Using WoodTurnerPro
- click (select) the top ring hold the shift key down and click on the base disk.
-Top ring should be red outlined, the disk in blue.
- in the Multi Row Resize box (right side of screen) make sure proportional is selected
- Enter the 300 mm Outside diameter for the top row. and hit enter
vessel and all the rings should adjust proportionally to the new OD top ring size.

Using Segment Pro
- use the increase / decrease diameter button to change the diameter.