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Hello All:

I have been turning for about 12 years, and over the years have made a lot of bowls, boxes and ornamental work. In January this year I started segmented turning, after reading Ray Allen's book. I have made about 10 pieces, and learned a lot along the way. I just attended the symposium in Chicago and met a lot of nice people, attended great talks and demonstrations, and was very impressed with the work in the instant gallery. So far I have made my designs on paper and done my calculations in Excel, and cut my segments with the tools I already had in the shop. I am upping my game with software, better sled and segmented gluing jig, hoping to improve the productivity and quality of my work. I look forward to interaction with, and learning from, other members of the community. I am a retired scientist and researcher/manager, and I live in Indianapolis, IN, and am a member of the Central Indiana Wood Workers (CIWW), and the turning special interest group of CIWW.


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Welcome to WTP forums.
Been using Lloyd's software more many years. imo, it beats the heck out of graph paper and calculations in a spreadsheet.
- Woodturner Pro is Lloyd's first segment planner. It is great. It gives you full control of each ring.
- SP is the latest from Lloyd's. It automates much of the planning, but is rules based. As such, you are limited to what changes you can make to the rings. It does have an excellent paint section for doing patterns.

I use both. Even though you cannot directly transfer a design from one program to another.

Have fun. Looking forward to seeing some of your work, sharing experiences, and asking questions.