Hi from California


Jack Paddock

I've been turning for a couple years but just finished by first segmented bowl.....did not turn out as expected, which led me here. I look forward to the benefits provided by the software. I live in central CA.


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Welcome aboard.
Over the years I have found the software to be great for designing a project.
Keep in mind that WTP gives you full control of the ring. SP is "rules based". It limits what you can do to an individual ring. The paint feature in SP is very good.


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Thank you. I may have to look into upgrading to WTP.
WTP is the older of the software. SP was created to simply the process in planning for most turners. I for one use WTP more than SP.

Both are excellent for what they are intended to do.

You can download the WTP for free use for 30 days. Give it a try
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