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I get a supply of scrap cutoffs from local cabinet shop and been using them for other thing but want to use them now for segment turning.
Most pieces are cut off from door frames or styles ,the grain runs top to bottom ( parts are on average 3/4 thick, 2 to 4 wide and lengths are random)
I want to be sure that these will work.
I plan to resaw them to get the thickness all the same and saw them to widths needed,
I have had the software for a while and been doing some plans with both WTP and SP, but have not done a complete figure and not done any glue-ups yet.
Any thoughts on this or pointers,
I will even be open to any samples or plans that someone has done and be willing to share.


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- the door wood samples will work just fine. There are members in the woodclub that I belong use cabinet door samples as a source.
- You can check out the Shared Profiles and Plans for Segment Pro and the Member Contributed Project forum for ideas.
- I would suggest a couple of books. One is Malcolm Tibbets "The art of segmented wood turning" and "Woodturning with Ray Allen".
There are many great segmented vessel artists. Search the internet for examples of patterns.

Lamination Pro is great software for doing designs from a lamination.

Lloyd Johnson

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One of my favorite sources of hardwood is a local stair tread manufacturer where I buy their seconds at a much reduced price. These are sanded to a perfect 1” thickness and I used them extensively for making laminated designs for feature rings using Lamination PRO. This extra thickness lets me make designs that would span two segments. So for a 16 segment ring, the laminated ring wil be 8 segments and this works great for Lamination PRO.