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Hello All

I am a bit long in the tooth to start a new hobby but my wife passed away a year ago and due to the that and the
Covid lockdowns, I needed something to save my sanity.
My Grandfather did woodturning a long long time ago and its something that I always fancied trying so I splashed out and bought
a small lathe, watched a lot of youtube videos and tried it.I was hooked from day 1 and have been doing it for 6 months now with
varying success but finding it good that I can still learn at the age of 67.
I have done a few laminated projects,none of which i can say would be good enough to sell but each one has been progress.
I recently purchased another well known segmenting software package which turned out to be very buggy and annoying to use to I looked for
something better and came across woodturner pro.. amazing programs and after playing around with trial version, I purchased the full package
It will take a while to learn all the features of the programs but I am looking forward to making better things and participating in this forum, you guys
have made some fantastic projects and encouraged me to carry on learning.
Attached a couple of photos to show where I am with turning ( I know the cookie jar isnt segmented as such but turned out nice)
I did the bird houses quite a long time ago and this week the birds have taken up residency in one of them


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Welcome to WTP Forum.
Never too old to learn. I am 70 and still learning.
Hope you enjoy the package of software. FYI, the trial software is fully functional for 30 days.

WoodTurner Pro gives you full control of the build, It was Lloyds original segment software. 3Ddesign is used to make the vessel profile and is imported into WTP.
Segment Pro is "rules based". It limits what changes you can make to the rings. The paint feature is great.
(Note: WTP and SP cannot import each other's projects due to different database structure.)
Lamination Pro works with WTP and SP, It is a good tool to see what type of designs can be made out of a laminated board.

Ask your questions regarding turning or the software. There are many good turners here on this forums.

Howard A. Smith

I didn't know there was a time frame on learning. 86 and still learning. The answers to most of our questions are here.