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First piece using lam pro and set pro


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Had some one-on-one help from Lloyd, but and I had quite a challenge getting those piece off the lathe. I made this in two pieces. After completely finishing the interior of both, I glued them together into one. I had a face plate on each end which allowed plenty of support to do the outside surface. But then came the “oh no” moment: if I removed the faceplate on the top and then finished shaping the top, how was I going to mount the piece back on the lathe to complete the bottom? If I removed the face plate on the bottom to finish shaping it, then how to remount an finish the top?

I decided to finish shaping the mouth first and then left the bottom to be completed off the lathe.

BTW, what do you call this thing? In isn’t a “bowl”. Is it a “vase”? Or a “jug”? “Hollow vessel” seems too generic - my head is one of those.B3CA5B3B-29B1-4E23-AEBC-7CA0958CB759.jpeg

peter white

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To finish bottom make a do nut chuck if you google it you should find instructions how to make.You have made a good looking piece.


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Well done. Good use of contrasting wood color.

I second the use of a donut chuck. Works well for finishing the bottom.

Lloyd Johnson

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Very nice piece. I would call it a Native SW design (or bowl or vase. The Native SW is the important part.

A donut chuck works well. A vacuum chuck works great and would allow you to turn either the top or the bottom with easy. The one I use (which I love, btw) is by Frugal Vacuum Pumps:

It works great with closed segment bowls, but I’ve had very poor results when using vacuum chucks with open segment bowls for some reason.

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Ken Sherwin

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"It works great with closed segment bowls, but I’ve had very poor results when using vacuum chucks with open segment bowls for some reason."

I'm guessing you had an inadequate vacuum pump and the hose from the chuck was too small. You're gonna need a bigger pump!