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  1. vrbradley

    vrbradley PRO Member

    Does anyone do segmented Christmas ornaments?
  2. Tim Boger

    Tim Boger PRO Member

    Morning Brad,

    I have made a couple dozen segmented ornaments this year, not so much in the traditional method of rings made into sphere shapes but bells .... typically 6 wedges cut from a laminated board .....

  3. vrbradley

    vrbradley PRO Member

    Thanks Tim,
    Any pictures? Would love to see them, I love new processes and ideas.
  4. Lloyd Johnson

    Lloyd Johnson Administrator Staff Member


    I've just added a tutorial I did a couple years ago for making inside-out ornaments that are really fun to make and the people love them and they can't figure out how you made it on a lathe.
    I was hoping to do an updated version of this series this season but didn't get the time. The process is timeless, though, and you can use the inside-out technique to make really amazing turnings.


    I know you are becoming proficient in SketchUp. You'll like using some of the techniques you'll see here.

    Here is the link to the tutorial:

    Merry Christmas!
  5. vrbradley

    vrbradley PRO Member

    I will see if I can find it, and try it ASAP.
  6. vrbradley

    vrbradley PRO Member

    How do I find the tutorial?
  7. Tim Boger

    Tim Boger PRO Member

    Good Morning Lloyd,

    Your timing could not be better with respect to the new SketchUp tutorial, the last couple of months have been busy ones for me and although I've had plenty of turning time making bell ornaments I have allowed precious little time to practice with SketchUp .... today I begin a 10 day vacation that will be spent entirely at home in my shop.

    These new SketchUp tutorials and the resulting ornaments are timely inspiration to get me going on a new project ..... never to early to start the gift making process for Christmas 2013.

    So, once again Lloyd I / we owe you a big thank you for the time and talent you make available !! You make me a better woodturner.

    Merry Christmas to all,

    Tim Boger

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