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I am used to drawing in simple CAD programs.
If I crearte a profile in a cad program and save as jpeg or similar can I import into seg pro or wood turner pro

Lloyd Johnson

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Yes, both Segment PRO and Woodturner PRO/3D Design PRO allow you to use a jpg to assist in placing dots.

In the profile window, click the +/- Image button which opens the Image Editor where you can paste an image or Open an image saved to the disk.
When you’re done with the image, click the +/- Image button again.
Tutorial: Title: 07 - Image Editor in Segment PRO

3D Design PRO:
Click Tools > Background Image > Add (Remove will remove the image once you’re done)
Drag the image so that the left edge of the window is where you want the center of the bowl to be.
Tutorial: Title: Introduction to 3D Design PRO

Please let me know if you have any questions.