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Re-starting Sales


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I picked the woodturner package after quite a lot of searching and after exercising the demo software for 26 days. After much contemplation, I decided to go forward with the entire suite of software. I have been turning since 1990, and have had to re-do my sideline of selling on the side through art galleries because I moved to Kentucky 2 years ago. I had no idea how disruptive the move would be. I ran down my stock and didn't make anything for quite a while, during which time my gallery items were all sold, so now I am starting from zero again. I think the suite of products will really help with getting my sideline back again.

Good luck to everyone!


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Welcome to WTP forum.
Enjoy the sofware.
Take advantage of the gallery and post some examples of your work. Share your knowledge and experience. We all still have a lot to learn.