Setting up and gluing spoke and hub vertical spacers

Keith Johnson

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Hello ,

I'm new to Woodturner PRO for the second time. I used it a number years ago and am now returning.

I've read about spoke and hub for vertical spacing, but not found specific instructions for the technique of aligning and gluing. Any guidance would be appreciated.



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Take a look at this thread
This a copy of post 7 from Lloyd.

Here's an example of using the Wheel ring type for a Lost Wood turning.


This vessel would be made from staves and it is six sided with spokes. The six sides have 30 degree angles which the standard cutting angle for six-sided vessels. The spokes (shown in black) would be two inches wide, rectangular and the exact height of the staves. These 12 pieces would be glued together with craft paper to allow it to be separated later to form a 12 sided cylinder. You then put a steel band around the top and bottom of the cylinder and mount this on your lathe. You now turn the inside and outside of the vessel as you would any other segmented vessel.

When you're done turning and sanding it, the 12 pieces of wood are separated and the spokes are discarded. The remaining six pieces are then glued together, perhaps with vertical spacers as Lowell did and you have a Lost Wood vessel with six fairly flat sides.

The good thing about this technique is that there is nobody that I know of that is currently doing it which is surprising, because it isn't particularly difficult.

Anyway, one more thing to put on the 'things I'd like to try' list.


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Also take a look at this thread
post 5 by Lloyd.