New to segmenting


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Hello, I am a long time turner but new to segmenting. I never thought I had the math or the precision in me but then found this software and Jerry Bennett's website and now I can't get enough. I have completed 2 beginner projects and now have 4 more in various stages of build, including a custom feature ring that I can't design on the software so I am having to do it trial and error.


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Welcome to WTP.
You are one up on a lot of people since you are a long time turner. You know the tools.
I also found segment building to be addictive. I have not done a solid turn in years. All segmented since then.
Lloyd's software is great. He has done a wonderful thing for segment turners in developing and providing the software.
Post some of your work in the gallery. Share your experiences, and ask questions. We all are still learning.