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Dean Hutton

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I’m new to WTP.
I’m trying to build a 18 segment project. I know that 18 segments is 10 degree on each side.
On WTP it show 8 degree


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Hi Dean:
For closed segment vessels.
In WTP in the upper right side of the screen is the ring selection box (drop down menu).
Make sure you have selected "FLAT" ring as the type.
On the top right of the screen is the control box for open segments. it does not matter if that box is checked. The degree control only comes into play if you have selected an "open segment" ring.

For Open Segment Vessels.
Since you placed the question in the open segment forum I am assuming your are making an open segment vessel.
If you are doing an "open segment" vessel then the ring selection should be "open segment. The control box for the segment opening in degrees has to be checked. The miter angle will change based on the degree for the space between segments is set.

Here is the math behind the calculations in WTP
Closed Segments: 360 / segments / 2
Example for 12 segments: 360 / 12 / 2 = 15 degrees

Open Segments: (360 - (segments * gap)) / segments / 2
Example for 12 segments with 8 degree gaps: 360 - (12 * 8) / 12 / 2 = 264 / 12 / 2 = 11 degrees

If you are still confused I can post some images highlighting the set up.
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