Can SegPro profiles be exported/imported to WoodTurnerPro?


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The simple answer is no. You cannot import/export profiles between the two programs.

If all you are wanting to do in SP is "tweak" the ring diameter you can use the "diameter less or more" buttons found in the bowl setting window, bottom right. This will increase or decrease the whole vessel. SP keeps the same ring profile ratios.

If you are wanting to change the profile you can do that in the profile window by grabbing and dragging one of the points.

If you are wanting to change the ring thickness for just one ring it cannot be done in SP.

There are many times I have used SP to create a project. Using the summary sheet I can quickly recreate it in WTP. Both programs are great tools. For full control WTP gives you that. For fast designs that meets a lot of turners needs SP is great.


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Thanks- I've used the summary sheet to transfer profiles, but wondered if there was an export function.

Both applications are excellent. Kudos to Lloyd and his folks for great work.