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Building feature rings

Rod Brumlow

PRO Member
I have spent hours trying to figure out Lamination Pro. I believe I understand the program but taking the project from the computer to the shop is my problem. Looking for better a understanding on building feature rings. Any videos, papers etc. out there I can find and use. Not finding on You Tube (yet) that shows with out leaving out key parts.

Rod Brumlow
North Texas
Hi Rod:
- Not sure of your experience in building segment vessels. A featured ring and its pattern is whatever you want it be. It can be as simple as putting in a band of different wood, burning a pattern, to a complex pattern that may have been designed in LP.
- I would suggest you start simple. A chevron pattern which can be designed out in lamination pro is a good start with the program

I did a simple seach of "making a feature ring bowl" for some results.

If you have a image of what design you would like to make, please post it. We can give our two cents towards your project.