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A couple of questions


The plates I sell are identical to those that Jerry sells with the exception of the hole and yes, you can create that hole yourself. You have to be sure, though, that the hole is in the dead center of the plate.

When I get back from a trip to Phoenix next week, I'll be posting a new upgrade to Woodturner PRO (Version 3.1 which is a free upgrade to Version 3.0.x users) and one of the changes will be that you specify the gap in degrees instead of percentage. There were a lot of changes to the software and so I'm not going to release it until I return. I've made this mistake before and had to spend much of my vacation taking support calls. :-<

Until then, just make sure that your percentage is 20% if you're using the 18-segment ring and 27% if you're using the 24-segment ring and that will equate to four degrees (with a rounding error).

The Segment Edge Length calculated by the software for the open segment rings is exactly what you should use for cutting the segments and make sure that your cutting angle is 8 degrees for the 18-segment ring and 5.5 degrees for the 24-segment ring and you'll be golden.

Lloyd, I'm working on designing a 48 segment open ring. All I've seen mentioned are 18 and 24 segment rings - so I know this is different. I know that 4 deg. won't work for a larger ring of 36 or 48 segments since the spacing won't line up properly, so what do I use for such a design. Playing with the tool, I dropped the deg. spacer to 2% and that seemed to line up the segments so they properly overlap. Am I on the right track? I notice that the cut angle also changed to 2.65 deg. from 2.75 - again correct? What do you think?
You have it exactly correct except that you have 2% and it is actually 2 degrees. Two degrees with a 48-segment ring will give you sufficient glue surface area, although you have to be very accurate, and the gaps will have a nice appearance. The actual cutting angle will be 2.68 degrees, but since these are open segment rings, there is room for error. Shoot for 2.6 - 2.75 degrees and you'll be golden. I'm working with Jerry to produce both 36-segment and 48-segment SegEasy plates for me and will let the community know when they will be available.
Thank you Lloyd. I also am working with Jerry doing a beta test of his 48 ring but so far I've had failure on the bowls - more I suspect from my lack of accuracy. rather then go into a lot of detail here I'll just keep practicing.
I was conversing with Dennis Edwards who does a lot of 48 segmented, open segmented bowls and asked him about cutting angle and he does 2.75 deg as his goto default.
Yeah, the math here is pretty easy and 2.75 is obviously corrects do while 2.68 is just slightly wrong, it's still wrong. I'm on the road now and can't fix it but will do so when I get home. It's puzzling why the same code calculates other open segment configurations perfectly.
I starting to think that the mathematical laws regarding right triangles are more like suggestions.
Don't you just love computers?