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So I have a lot to learn about segment bowls, but if I was to purchase the software is there a basic learning process I could use? I am still practicing my segment cutting and working on accurate rings.

Richard Bruce

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There is many tutorial videos Lloyd made available in the software. I started using the software about a year ago and watched most of the videos. When I have a problem I go back and watch one of them again. The forums can also help answer many questions. Good luck it's a great starting point.


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Besides what Richard has posted I would suggest
- Searching the internet for videos on segmenting.
- A couple of good books are Malcolm Tibbetts "The Art of Segmenting Turning", Ray Allen "WoodTurning with Ray Allen" There are others but I like these two.
- if there is a club you can join, I would recommend that. There are many turners willing to help mentor those interested in segmenting.

You may also be interested in joing the American Association of Woodturners .