Dried glue clean up


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I have cleaned up clamps by using a heat gun and a putty knife. The heat gun will soften the dried glue so it can be scraped off. I finish up with acetone on a rag for the final clean up.

Brian B

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I usually just scrap them with a small scraper or utility knife. You might want to put a small coating of paste wax on the clamps and the glue will not stick to them so easily.


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I use original Titebond which is not water proof. I throw them in a bucket of water and let them set over night. What's left of the glue wipes off.

Andrew Rothwell

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My go to glue is TB 3, with the longer working times, I find it more forgiving when gluing a lot of segments. I will try the heat gun trick and report back.
Thank you.

Andrew Rothwell

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Well, I figured I would chime in with my findings.
1st, heart gun and scraper, works, though it kind of just smears the glue off.
2nd, and what I did, was a pot of water and about 10 % vinegar. Put the clamps in, and boil away for a few minutes, take a clamp out, and then scrape with a scraper, or just use a paper towel. The glue just comes off.

I don't know if the vinegar is truly necessary or not, but I figured it would not hurt.

Thank you