Hello, I'm Ed, from Burlington NJ

Ed Wargo

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I'm new to segmented turning. I am a fan of Clarence Ranneford and Ray Allen. I'm looking forward to learning the ropes with the drawing programs and finding new ways to add to the enjoyment of my retirement years.


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Welcome to WTP forums. Ray Allen is one of my favorite artists. His book "Wood turning with Ray Allen" is a great source of information and inspiration of native American designs. I highly recommend it.

There is not much software out there for segment designing. Lloyds collection is the best for easy to learn and use. If you want full control of your design wood turner pro would be your choice. If you want the software to do more of the planning Segment Pro may be to your liking. I happen to use all of his software . Sometimes I will design a pattern in SP and remake the design in WTP to be able to make adjustments I want. Because of the differences in the databases one cannot import a SP design into WTP or vise versa.

Have fun. Ask questions. Share your experience.