Making segmented feature rings

Tommy Schutz

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Hello, my name is Tommy. I am very interested in segmenting, although, as I'm sure people who segment realize, I too have realized there is a lot more to it, than just segmenting a bowl. The wood has to be straight( a jointer), smooth( a planer) and cut to exact length,( a table saw, and sled, in my case). I now have a jointer, planer, table saw, in addition to my lathe, and I'm ready to get started, just looking for some advice.


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My advice to you would be:
- Start simple till you get the hang of making segmented vessels.
- There are some world class segmenters that have put out books (Malcolm Tibbets - The art of segmented wood turning, Ray Allen - Woodturning with Ray Allen) are two that I found very useful.
- Do a web search for videos "featured ring for segmented bowls". You will find a number of good videos
- Search for segmented bowls and look at the images. It will give you some ideas.

For starters I would a simple 12 segment vessel with a chevron featured ring. Also known as a zig zag pattern. Lloyds Lamination Pro software is great for designing chevrons and other patterns for a featured ring.

Richard Bruce

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When I started I didn't know anything, my father in law had been doing segmenting since the 40's. I took the bowl he made my wife and just kind of figured it out. I cut the segments and eyeballed the alignment. The first one I did was a 8 sided vase. With each one since I have learned a few trick's.
Start easy to build confidence and then expand. Lloyds software is good. There are also some great turners on youtube.