How to cut up the rings into a bowl from a board.

I know it depends on how thick I make the board to how tall or whatever to make a bowl or maybe platter or vase,

How do I cut the rings from each board??

So far we have just glued up wood and made a regular vase and bowl not never like a bowl from a board type.
We are hoping that others will send us their scrap lumber to do this kind of project by gluing it up maybe 3" thick and cutting it 1/4" or even various thickness of 1/8, 1/4, and 3/8 to get different color types.

There were three of us who glued up wood that 3 people sent and we used 3/4 of the wood sent. I turned the vase and the vet turned the bowl. I told him several times how proud I was of his work and how it was shaped. I posted this in LJ's and he seen the comments there and I now think he believes me.030420 019.JPG030420 020.JPG030420 021.JPG030420 022.JPG030420 023.JPG

Thank you


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Do you know anything about how to cut the rings??
Guess I am a bit confused. Thought it was you and others you work with who made the vessels in your Sunday post with photos.
Do a search on dizzy bowls / tornado bowls will give you an idea on how to cut rings from a board. Since I don't do the typical dizzy bowl I use a scroll saw to cut out the rings from each blank. A while back I posted this project on the forum.



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Download the YouTube video by "Joe Kramer bowl from a board". He goes through the whole process of making different types of bowls. The video will answer all you want to know about the technique.
Have fun