Questions about Woodturner Pro

Ed Wargo

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I'm not computer shy, but have never been able to get on well with computer drawing programs. I have made several attempts at Sketch Up, and found the learning curve a bit too steep for me.
I'm interested in Woodturner Pro, but have questions about my ability to pick it up with a reasonable amount of effort.
Is there anyone else who has had a similar experience and how you have fared?


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Hi Ed:
You can download and enjoy a 30 day fully functional WTP and other software Lloyd has developed.
I would suggest you take a look at some of the videos Lloyd has made to help users learn. Then download the software and give it a spin.

I found that I picked up the use of WTP very quickly. It is entirely different than Sketchup.

Some tips
- 3Ddesign and WTP work together. 3Ddesign is used to layout your vessel profile. The profile is imported into WTP. WTP is used to design the vessel. Lamination Pro is a tool for possible featured ring segments.
- Segment Pro is the newest software from Lloyd. It was developed for those who do not want to spend a great deal of time in laying out a vessel. It does have a great "paint" for design development. While SP provides less control of the layout of your vessel it still is a wonder design tool.