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David Dangar

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Just joined and am very interested in this group of woodturners. Been turning for about 8 years doing both solid and segmented bowls. I am retired, 71, built my shop and have almost got all my stuff in and set up. Going to go to download page and get the software. I live in Irondale, Alabama, that is just north of Birmingham.


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Welcome David to the WTP forum.
I happen to have all of Lloyd's software. imo, WTP gives you the most control in designing your vessel. SP is great for those who want to build a vessel built on a more standard approach. SP is great for "painting" your segments. I have planned some vessels in SP because of the paint feature. From the cut list summary I would then build the same project in WTP so I could tweak ring height, etc. All of them are very good tools for designing segmented vessels.

Have fun, ask questions and share your experiences in turning.

Bob Beaupre

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Welcome, David you'll find answers to all your questions here. If we don't know the answer we'll make something up!