Hello from Waco Kentucky


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Hi All, I am relatively new to segmenting. I've been doing woodworking, building furniture, jewelry/cigar boxes, trinkets and lots of Christmas presents (makes for a cheap Xmas and lots of cool presents).

I took a class here at Berea College and got hooked on turning. The instructor turned me on to a friend that lost interest in turning and I bought all his tools and a midi lathe cheap. Now I just have to learn.....

Looking forward to all the info on this site and exchanging info with you all.



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Welcome aboard.
I looked at a couple of different options when it came to software for segmenting. I chose WTP years ago. Glad I did. It makes designing a project a breeze. You can download the software for a free 30 day test run.

Exchanging information and ideas is what forums are all about.