extending the plunger on the Stomper

David Baldrich

New Member
Does any one have a good idea on how to extend the plunger so it can be used to glue up vessels taller than 10 in. My current thought is to thread a section of pvc pipe and screw it to the treads on top.


Super Moderator
Staff member
Or build the vessel in two halves (top / bottom), then join them on the lathe. I would be concerned with the shaft deflection as you get taller.

Glenn McCarron

PRO Member
Some taller vases that I have done were certainly done in two sections, one was even three sections. Another that I did that was 12 inches tall I turned as I built each layer and sometimes adding two layers. I normally add each ring on the lathe so it does tie up the lathe while glue dries. I like to allow about 2 hours before I will attempt to turn a ring. This is my hobby so the time element is not that important to me.

Lloyd Johnson

Staff member
If you go to Amazon and search for ‘sprinkler riser extension’, you’ll find just what you’re looking for. They come in a four pack and just thread on to the existing riser.