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Larry C

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Hi y'all, I'm an old geezer in Lower Alabama. I've been turning in a somewhat serious manner for the past 17 years. I've done a lot of segmented turning, both open and closed, and decided it's time to lower the bar a bit and get some help on design and layout.
I use the Wedgies and the Sled, and have found so far they will do everything I need....
Looking forward to learning and improving my turning skills...


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Very nice vessel. The software is very good at helping in the design phase of a vessel. Take a look at the tutorials. They will explain a great deal on what the software can do. I gave up doing designs on graph paper right after I got Lloyds software. imo, the software is well worth the price.

Ask your questions and provide input. The forum is a great place to learn.
Welcome aboard.