Lost plans in segment pro

David Johnson

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Hi all. I've had the segment pro software a good while.
I've not used the software for some time, illness forced me to stay out my workshop
Anyways, today I've started segment pro, looked in the plans folder and there is only three plans in there, how do I get all the other plans back? I havent deleted them they have just vanished. Any help would be appreciated.


Super Moderator
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Sorry your having problems with SP. Hope your over whatever illness you had. You may want to contact Lloyd on this issue. I will give you what I know about SP and its saved plans.

SP stores its information in the following directories. They may be hidden by windows so you may need to go to windows set up and make sure you can see all files and directories.
C:\users\your user name\AppData\Roaming\Woodturner PRO\Segment PRO\Images

The directories:
JsonCategory.............your categories
JsonPalette................your palettes
JsonPlan....................your plans
JsonProfile.................your profiles

In the JsonPlan directory is where the file information is saved by a date/time name.
When the software starts, it builds the contents of Profiles and Plans by reading each of the files in these four folders.

I would suggest you go in and see if you have a number of saved plans under JsonPlan directory. If you do have more than 3 files in that directory. I would restart the PC. Then restart SP and see if the other plans show up. If not, I would go to the contact Lloyd. He is good at assistance.


Lloyd Johnson

Staff member
Just for information - if you ever delete profiles, categories, species or anything that was part of the original installation, you can simply reinstall the software and that will restore any files that are missing from the original install.

This process will not remove any profiles or plans that you have created yourself. The only way custom files can be removed is for you to remove them yourself.