Starting my segmented turning adventure

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself Forum' started by William Cowan, Sep 29, 2019.

  1. William Cowan

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    I’ve been woodworking, building furniture and boxes with marquetry since the mid seventies. During that time, I took a pen and bowl making class at Woodcraft. Always enjoyed the quick completion of turning a bowl or pen. A couple years ago, I started working with epoxy resin joined with burls to create some fun and different bowls. At some point, I saw segmented bowls on YouTube and it really looked like something I would like. I’ve made some of the jigs and simple bowls but wanted to do more. I purchased Segmented Pro, made my 1st SW feature ring vase and just finished a tornado vase. Now I’m hooked. Looking forward to learning more and more.
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  2. mfisher

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    Welcome to WTP forums. Sound like you have the bug. Take advantage of the gallery and share some of your work.

    I also have done some marquetry. Learned it from a member of our Woodclub. He taught the method of cutting all the pieces with a scalpel. Here is a link to his website.
    Title: Marquetry Magic, by Ernie Mills
  3. William Cowan

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    I’ve seen Ernie’s work before. He does some beautiful work. This box is a Koa veneer box with marquetry picture given to my daughter in law.
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  4. mfisher

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    Very nice work.
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