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Discussion in 'Bowl From A Board Forum' started by Woodsmith, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. Woodsmith

    Woodsmith PRO Member

    When cuttings rings, Rockwell bladerunner or bandsaw? Which is recommended? Thank you
  2. mfisher

    mfisher Super Moderator Staff Member

    This is a pretty broad question. The better the equipment the more accurate the cuts are going to be.
    I have never used a Rockwell bladerunner.

    For a bowl from a board the rings can be cut with a good scroll saw. You still need a table saw to cut your blanks. A bandsaw can also be used to cut the rings, but you have to cut them in half to cut the inside diameter.

    For segment bowls I like to use a table saw and a good miter sled. The segeasy method of cutting has become popular. Segments can be cut with a table saw, miter saw or bandsaw.
    Title: Seg-Easy Solutions

    If you are just getting into bowl making (segments) I recommend you check out some vids on the topic. There are also some good books by Malcolm Tibbits or Ray Allen on the subject.

    I would research the equipment you are thinking of purchasing. Buy within your budget. Upgrade when you can.
  3. Art Bodwell

    Art Bodwell PRO Member

    I had a bladerunner and sold it. I didn't like what for me was a lack of control for cuts. I would never try to cut rings from a board with it. To directly answer your question, the bandsaw is a far better solution, even with cutting them in half. The scroll saw is good and eliminates the need to cut them in half. I had success cutting the rings on the lathe by mounting the board on a face plate and using a shop made thin parting tool. It does require care and some edge clamps but worked will for me.
  4. Woodsmith

    Woodsmith PRO Member

    Thank you Art for the response. You are right, I returned my bladerunner and now I use the lathe also.
  5. Woodsmith

    Woodsmith PRO Member

    I forgot to say that cut my rings on the lathe at a 45 degree angle.

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