Tony Forsyth from Brisbane Australia

Tony Forsyth

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Hi All,

I have been wood turning for a couple of years now and have worked with wood all my life both in a professional and hobby capacity. I have fairly recently retired as a professional and now enjoy working with wood as a hobby. Segmenting was something that never took my fancy until recently so here I am. Now the learning curve begins and the investigation as too what I need to get me started. Looking forward to the journey ahead and learning how to use this great piece of software that Loyd has created.
Cheers for now !!


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Welcome to WTP forum.
It is a great place to ask questions and share experiences. Lloyd has developed a great piece of software for segmenting. The good news is WTP suite or SP is pretty easy to learn. Take advantage of the Gallery and share some photos of your work.

Tommy Schutz

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Good luck. I've been woodturning for a couple of years myself, so I'll be watching your turnings. Post your work, and hopefully I can learn something from your knowledge.