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    Here is the question I mentioned when I introduced myself in the intro sub forum.

    I am currently working on a design for an open form bowl. I have been modifying one of the open form profiles included with the software. The wall profile view image in the Bowl View exceeds the available space and only a portion of the profile is visible. I have been trying to reduce the size of the image without success. I am able to increase the size but not reduce it. Is there a way to reduce the size of the image so that it fits within Bowl Summary frame?


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    Lloyd would be able to explain better than me. Here is my take.
    - There is no easy way to reduce the "image" so the profile and cutaway view contains all of the vessel that I am aware of.
    - You could redo the vessel profile in the profile view so the vessel outline is contained within the view window without the need to scroll over to see the rest of it. That should show the full cutaway within the cutaway window.

    - Take a look at the vids at
    Title: Segment PRO

    SP main target group was for those who want a quick design tool where one does not have to spend a lot of time in coming up with the cut list. A few clicks and you are done.
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