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Hi, I’m relatively new to woodworking, and have never turned. I live in a small townhouse, so space is at a premium. I have a Shopsmith, and just got a RingMaster. While researching the Ringmaster I found this site. Got the Ringmaster on Wednesday, and have been reading through the manual. It is dawning on me I may not be smart enough to do this LOL. I’m married, we have a son, (getting married in August), I’m an electrician, and have an honorable discharge from the USAFR (I am NOT a veteran). My other hobby is I am one of the nerds at the beach with a metal detector. So Hi everyone.


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Welcome to WTP forums. The site is a good source for information regarding segmented vessels or turning in general.
I use to own a Shopsmith. Sold it last year
- Ringmasters can be fun. Making lamination blanks for the ringmaster can create some very nice patterns.
- Segmented building and turning is a whole different game. You can download the software for a free 30 day use to see if you like it. I would recommend you take the time and view the vids Lloyd has made. Also read some of the topics in the different forums.

Either way, enjoy woodworking when you can.
Welcome Artman

I know almost nothing on segmented turning but a lot about turning in general. I am retired Air Force from 1977 to 1999 and recalled after 9/11 until a roadside bombing in 2008. So anyone who served is a vet to me buddy.

Hope your special day is great one for all of you. Hope to get to know you more buddy.