struggling to get correct results in LaminationPro and WoodturnerPro

Discussion in 'Lamination PRO Support Forum' started by Ed Korsberg, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. Ed Korsberg

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    I am struggling with getting precision results using LaminationPro and WoodturnerPro.
    I have made a couple of practice runs but still cannot get the results to match what I build. I am trying to use LaminationPro to produce a 'feature ring' to be used in WoodturnerPro.
    But some of my problems is experience with the software and maybe precision on actual table saw cuts.
    But here is an example that may illustrate my misunderstanding on how to use the software.
    In this screenshot from LaminationPro I tinkered with the settings until I got a pattern I liked. Note the repeating unit is 1.75 inches.
    Title: Imgur

    But when I transferred this to WoodturnerPro and then actually built using those settings, the linear repeating length was more like 1.53 (1 17/32) vs the expected 1.75 inched.
    I think I cut the laminate strips to the correct size and cut at the angles as indicated in LaminationPro.

    But I have even another issue. Obviously in WoodturnerPro we are concerned with number of segments, outside/inside diameter, segment edge length, etc. But I don't think LaminationPro is concerned or aware of these radial bowl dimensions.
    So if the feature ring is to be lets say 8 or 10 inches in outside diameter, that would obviously affect the segment edge length. So if I wanted the feature ring to have an outside diameter of 8 inches, the math says the segment edge length should be 2 5/32 and not 1.75 inches.
    But how is this information conveyed into LaminationPro prior to exporting to WoodturnerPro?
  2. mfisher

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    Hi Ed:
    Here is some tips I have followed in the past when using LP and WTP.

    You should complete your design in WTP first. Set up your featured ring in WTP. That is the number of segments, height (thickness), and diameter of the ring needed for your design. WTP calculates the segment edge length needed to make the desired diameter ring.

    Use the segment edge length as a guide for your repeating units in Lamination Pro (LP). As you know by changing the width of the cut strip the repeating unit size changes. So change the strip width till it comes as close as possible to your Segment Edge Length needed in WTP,

    In LP once you are happy with the design and the SEL is correct, adjust the export region and export your image file. When brining it into WTP to file / options and import your design as a new species. I normally set the width and height to 1" and select "stretch to fit segment".

    You are correct that LP doesn't know what size ring you want. It only exports out an image. You need to adjust the repeating unit to match the segment edge length you need.
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  3. Ed Korsberg

    Ed Korsberg PRO Member

    That is good advice I will try this next. However I also discovered on a practice piece that apparently my table saw is not setup for precision cuts. Maybe I will make a new posting showing how much stack up errors I see.

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