Dubby Sled Auxillary Fence Mounts



In case any of you have a 3d printer or access to one, I have designed a very simple mount to install an auxillary fence for the Dubby sliding sled. You may have watched Jerry Cole's youtube video on cutting segments for bowls. He uses 5/8 inch dowels and screws to mount the fence. This 3dprint works the same way, but you don't have to use wood screws, you use machine screws with nuts. This makes the mounts last longer. Just insert the nuts into the cutouts in the mounts and find the right length screw and you're in business.

Probably a very limited amount of you will find this useful, but I thought I would offer it for anyone that wants it.
Here is the link on Thingiverse: Title: Dubby Sled Aux Fence Mount by grosslr

Ron Grossl