It All Blew Up



Started my very first Open segment lidded vessel. Using some scrap oak that was milled from trees from the property 5 years or so ago. Drew up the plans on the puter, went out to the shop to mill and glue. Ordered a new easy tool Pro Finisher. Everything went great and even got as far as making the lid with handle. Got most of it turned with the tools I own and still have a couple of days till the new one arrives. It came today... I re-chucked the turning, turned up the speed and applied the new tool. It exploded in a bunch of pieces!!!

Lessons Learned?
1) When turning the inside with air dried wood in FL, complete it in one sitting. Humidity is not my friend.
2) Finish the upper section before going to the base, basakwards causes way to much stress on the thinner finished walls
3) always have fun and learn from your mistakes


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As the saying goes, there are turners who have lost a bowl and there are turners who are going to loose a bowl.
It is frustrating when it happens. Your number 3 is spot on. Have fun and learn from what happened.

pete marken

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For open segment pieces I use a 1/2" Thompson bowl gouge with an Ellsworth grind and turn pretty fast. This seems to work for me. I do not use the carbide tools at all.